I had a really hard time coming up with a Halloween costume this year. I just couldn’t think of anything. And then I remembered Pizza Rat.

Pizza Rat became an internet phenomenon earlier last month after Matt Little posted a video to Youtube. In the video, a rat is seen valiantly dragging a slice of pizza down the New York City subway stairs. The slice is really heavy and (spoiler alert!), Pizza Rat is forced to leave her dinner behind in what is easily the most heartbreaking goodbye scene in cinematic history.

In the words of Maxwell Strachan,

“Pizza Rat is the perfect metaphor for life in New York: He is hungry, he loves dollar pizza, he hates his life and he is trying to carry something that is way too heavy down the subway stairs because the elevator is broken. It’s almost too perfect.

Pizza Rat is determined, sure. But in New York, is that enough? Of course not. So, as we all have countless times, Pizza Rat eventually gives up and walks away from the task at hand, presumably to a dive bar that will soon be replaced by yet another Chase bank or something.”

I have never related to anyone more.

pizza rat costume

Devin didn’t know what he was going to be until Halloween, but he somehow managed to make an A+ costume in less than an hour.

nyc subway costumeThat’s right, he was the 2 train. Because what’s a New York rat without the subway?

P.S. Pizza Rat, next time put that pizza in a baby stroller and wait for a stranger to help. Works every time.

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