Enormous Eye

A few weeks ago I was asked to chronicle my Saturday for Enormous Eye, “a website that watches writers watch their days.” It was one of the most surprising assignments I’ve ever done, not only because I’d never noticed my life in such detail before, but also because who knew my family was that cheesy? I only had one day to type up my notes and submit, but when I reread it I could hear an angry editor, played by Danny DeVito in a crumpled shirt, burgundy tie, and suspenders, smoking a cigar and yelling at me to “Tone down the cute! You think any reader’s gonna buy this? It’s just not believable!!!” I know the publishing industry isn’t run by sweaty, angry men anymore (especially on the ‘net), but I like this daydream a lot, especially the part where I sternly yet respectfully respond, “I’m sorry, Mr. Editor Man, but I refuse to edit the truth” and walk out clutching my manuscript while wearing big glasses with thin brown frames á la Ms. Geist in Clueless.

You can read the full post here, and here’s a photo of my beautiful Chihuahua taken that morning.

Enormous Eye

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