Sometimes I write down fragments of conversation to remember. This one’s from Portland in June. Jill, Tasha, and I have been friends since 2007, and the night this happened we had just reunited (a few days before Jill’s wedding!) so I have a picture to go with it from that very night.

Side note: even though Devin and I have been married for two years, I think it’s so weird that my friends are starting to get married. Like, are we old enough for this? What’s next? Saving for retirement? Budgetting? MEAL-PLANNING? Okay, fine, meal-planning sounds a little bit interesting but only because I always almost weep when I have to get rid of another wilted bunch of cilantro.

Jill, me, Tasha
Jill, me, Tasha

Me: I just haven’t changed at all.

Jill: Well…your style’s changed. When I met you, you had those bangs.

Me: But I also had those bangs a year ago.

Jill: Yeah, I guess your style doesn’t change. It just cycles.

Tasha: I always have bangs.


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