Views From The Train

When Devin and I decided we were moving away, we also had some ideas about how to spend the summer. We could stay in New York and pay rent or we could sublet our apartment and use the money to visit family and friends instead.

This summer seemed like a particularly good time to do the latter because pretty much everyone we know is either getting married or having babies right now, and who wants to choose which wedding to skip and which babies not to smoosh? I mean, not to be too dramatic, but that’s like the Sophie’s choice of social calendars.

So we packed our bags and boarded a westbound train at Penn Station. (A train? Why a train?) I’m glad you asked! Trains produce half the carbon emissions that airplanes do, so going by train is a more environmentally friendly way to travel. And the views are not bad either.

Here are some photos I took on the first leg of our journey to California from the New York island.

little bed on moving train

hallway in the sleeping carkristy in chicago

candid devinillinois nebraskafrench toastcoloradoutahlunch in the coast starlightdessert on the coast starlight californianorcal


Views From The Train

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