My first zine

Last night I went to a meetup for Rookie, and it ruled! Everyone was allowed to bring either clothes or a zine to swap, and I took it as the impetus to make my first zine. I’ve wanted to make one since I was 15, but it seemed like something really cool people who are not terrified of X-Acto knives did, so I always put it off––until yesterday when I couldn’t procrastinate any longer and just went for it.

Originally, I had planned on making photocopies, but since I left it until the absolute last minute, all I have are these phone photos that I took at the Au Bon Pain where I made it. I’ve never really eaten there, but I highly recommend it as a public space. In the thirty minutes it took me to make this, I watched a very awkward job interview (“Were you fired from your last job?” “…Yes.” “Did you get along with your co-workers?” “…No.”) and a very speedy break-up (it was dramatic and loud but also so fast).

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

back cover

All of the stories are true. Sorry if it’s hard to read the pages. If you click on the photos individually, they get bigger.

My first zine

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