all my friends are party animalsLast Saturday I finally got around to turning twenty-five. I’d meant to since my birthday, but first there was a big protest, and then there were big life things, and finally, I decided to make my lifelong wish to have a summer birthday come true.

Of course I wanted a ridiculous party, so I put on a gold dress and invited all my friends to wear animal masks with me. We ate all my favorite snacks: elotes, spicy watermelon, guacamole—even chamoyadas. Devin surprised me with my favorite cake, which happens to be the first cake I ever baked for him, and Tasha baked vegan cupcakes with gold sprinkles because she understands me.  After we’d had our fill, we walked to the nearest dance floor and danced our animal hearts out. It was magical.

friends in masks

I am absolutely thrilled to be twenty-five. When I was in third grade, my two favorite teachers were twenty-five years old, and I couldn’t wait to be like them. They were so smart, so talented, so worldly. One of them had a tiny tattoo of a heart on her ankle. And they couldn’t believe the ‘Macarena’ was popular again because they had known the song and dance since college.

Now that I finally am twenty-five, I’ve been thinking about whether I’ve achieved a similar level of cool, whether I can live up to my nine year-old self’s expectation of wisdom and worldliness. What is my ‘Macarena’?

I did listen to The Weeknd back when his identity was a mystery and House of Balloons was a free download.

I knew ‘Pon Da Floor’ before it became the backing track to Beyoncé’s ‘Who Run the World? (Girls),’ and I think the original is way better (though I never learned its accompanying dance…).

I watched the first season of Girls in the midst of my own first season in New York, and the only thing I have in common with seasons 2 and 3 is a recurring cast of characters who love me despite the fact that I never seem to change.

photo 3

All of those things didn’t quite make me feel twenty-five, but last week I went to a wedding and when the five year-old flower girl requested the ‘Macarena,’ I thought, ‘Kids still listen to that?!’

It’s official. I have become my dream age!


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