A moment of camaraderie

It happened right behind these glorious doors.
It happened right behind these glorious doors.

Setting: bathroom of the Central Library, Brooklyn, last Sunday, closing time.

We all crowded in for our last chance to pee, for free (something I don’t take for granted). The bathroom was a mess, and the stalls were out of toilet paper.

‘It’s out of toilet paper, but I saved you the last square’, a woman said to her friend.

‘It’s out of toilet paper’, the friend said sympathetically to me as she exited.

‘I’ll use a seat cover’, I announced, thinking my ingenuity might help another.

‘It’s out of toilet paper’, I said to the next woman in line, who laughed and said, ‘It’s okay. I’ll just shake-shake-shake’.

Outside a police officer stood guard shouting ‘The women’s restroom is closed! The library is closed!’ and lecturing passersby on how unthinkably terrible it is to wait until 6 o’clock to go to the bathroom.

A woman approached her unafraid and declared that she’d been waiting since before 6, but the line was too long, and they both geared up for an argument.

‘There’s no toilet paper, anyway’, someone interjected.

A moment of camaraderie

2 thoughts on “A moment of camaraderie

  1. […] I’ve been thinking lately about what kind of writer I am and realized, to my dismay, that I am a chronicler of small moments. I have some blog posts up my sleeve about Carnegie Hall and Chicago and a perfect little farm in Wisconsin, but for some reason, it’s always harder for me to write about the exciting than the mundane. It’s a bummer because I would like to write about all the exciting things that I’ve been able to do by some lucky coincidence, but I usually end up writing about grocery shopping instead. Really. I could have blogged about having a sleepover at the Waldorf-Astoria, but instead I wrote about smiling. I could have blogged about going to a star-studded event, but instead I wrote about dropping something. My blog posts aren’t usually premeditated, so I’m not sure what it means that these are the things I focus on, but I guess I can feel better about it if I tell myself that I am writing about things that are relatable. After all, I bet most people like the thrill of eavesdropping, and even more of us have waited in line to go to the bathroom. […]

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