This fall Devin finally moved to New York, and he even moved in with me (hey, thanks!). After resigning ourselves to living in a studio, we found a tiny one-bedroom on a tree-lined street just in time. I discovered that Devin is really good at decorating, or as he calls it, ‘maximizing vertical space’.

On Halloween, I dressed up as the very scary Phyllis Schlafly and we decorated little cookies at work. In November, Marika and Tasha sent us to see Drake because they’re ‘the f*cking best’ (sorry, Drake reference). I didn’t think I could like Drake any more, but then I heard him sing a cappella—and his stage banter!!!! He is funny without being mean, which is the ultimate comedic achievement in my book. Devin mused that Drake should make more political music because he seems like a cool guy (he really does), but we both bet he’ll keep singing about wimyn and money in a ‘more is better’ way for the foreseeable future. Oh well. We’ll just keep pretending he has rad politics and all his lyrics are in code.

My mom and my friend Issy came to visit around Thanksgiving. It was fun. And cold. Pro-tip: don’t go to MoMA P.S. 1 until after the Mike Kelley exhibit closes. In the words of my mom, it’s ‘creepy’. We all agreed. Pro-tip: do go see the new musical about Carole King. To quote myself, it’s the best!

After Thanksgiving, it was Christmastime, fa la la. My favorite Christmas gift is always my family, but this year it got a little bigger because Devin was there, too. This was the longest time we’ve spent together in Mexico, and I loved sharing the everyday things I do when I’m home, like walking around the big park and grocery shopping at Alsuper, formerly Futurama. We got to spend a lot of time with my our (!) niece Victoria who learned to call Devin ‘Tío Bibin’. I always think I’ve hit my maximum capacity for love until I hang out with her. The older she gets, the more I love her. And not without reason. On New Year’s Eve, she told me she kisses me because loves me. On New Year’s Day, we were playing on a swing set, but we had to leave. We asked her to come get in the car, and she said, ‘I can’t.’ 
‘Why not?’, I asked.
‘Someone is pooping’, she responded.
‘Who is pooping?’
Polite but never dishonest. The world should aspire to be more like you, Vic.

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