Season’s Greetings from Dyker Heights

This house also had carousels on its lawn.

Last night Devin and I met up with our friend Hyunhee to see the lights in Dyker Heights. It’s been on my Christmas to-do list since 2011, and I’m so happy we did it this year. The houses there go all out with light displays on their front lawns. Think lights on every surface area, spotlights on enormous statues,  a couple of carousels, blow-up decorations, a crucifix, and some blaring holiday music to tie the scene together.

We brought our own holiday drinks and wandered the neighborhood while it snowed!

If you’re in the area and like Christmas stuff, I recommend it. Bonus: the subway ride there was much, much shorter than I expected, and there were no crowds. Oh yeah, did I mention it snowed? The flakes were so big I realized that the cartoon depictions are actually just what snowflakes look like up close.

For more Christmas times to be had in the city, see this post co-written by my cousin.

Season’s Greetings from Dyker Heights

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