The surprise party

Despite my best efforts, I am usually late. I try really, really hard and bargain with the universe to be on time, and then I am so sorry I’m late.  That’s how it came to pass that this morning I was fifteen minutes (but only fifteen!) late to brunch (after pushing back the meeting time twice–how does this happen?), and it is also why I’m only starting to blog about my wedding now, almost 4 months after the event. I think since it has been so long, I should just post pictures from the actual wedding since that’s what people really want to see, but I like being thorough, so let’s begin at the beginning.

Way back in July, my friends surprised me with the most perfect party I could ever have imagined. It was technically my bachelorette party. It was so perfect that there are almost no pictures because everyone was too busy having fun. Here is the little photographic evidence I do have.



the spread


There was fun. There was laughter. There was not a group picture. : (


There were homemade streamers and confetti, a big lavender-blackberry cake and tiny thumbcakes, snacks on snacks on snacks, and Drake on the stereo. Then, we went out dancing, and we walked straight into my dream place, which Tasha, Devin, and I had tried to go to for my birthday but weren’t even allowed to stand in line! Then, we ate falafel with a hot sauce so spicy it made me sob. It was hands-down the best falafel I’ve ever had. Then, we had a sleepover and watched an episode of ‘The Newlywed Game’ from 1966 with a surprisingly feminist contestant who seemed to be very happily married! And finally, we went on an epic quest for my favorite New York City brunch that culminated in a free cab ride. The whole time I kept looking around and realizing, ‘My friends really, really know me. They understand me, and they like  me!’

I’ve never liked the concept of a bachelor/ette party. You know, “One last hurrah before you lose all your freedoms!” Ew. But a celebration of friendship and being 100% accepted for who you are? That’s a party I’d like to throw for every single one of my friends. Whether or not they get married is irrelevant.


The surprise party

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