When my family comes to town

This past weekend, when my cousin and her husband came to town, I asked Devin to take a picture of us. As you know from this weblog, Devin is an old hand at accommodating my request for pictures, and he’s developed a strategy. As soon as I hand him the camera, he starts shooting. Unfortunately, I never remember Devin’s paparazzi skills, and days later I find 20 pictures of me making strange faces, like the surprisingly popular One Eye Open, One Eye Closed, Lips Puckered. (Do I walk around making that face? No, no, please don’t answer that.)

So you can imagine my surprise when this weekend’s rapid-fire picture-taking resulted in the world’s happiest outtakes.

'Wearing helmets is fun!'
‘Wearing helmets is fun!’
'So is taking them off!'
‘So is taking them off!’
'We both have hair!'
‘You’re so cool!’
...and here's the picture we actually posed for.
…and here’s the picture we actually posed for.

Josh makes a cameo in the background of all of these pictures. Don’t be fooled by his serious demeanor. The very first time I met him, he conned me into ordering my food at a French Café…in French. The café was on his college campus, and he promised it was staffed entirely by French majors. Je veux une baguette. I know it sounds ridiculous, but in my defense the menu consisted of French food words, and he is a master of deadpan. It’s a good thing his pranks are usually funny.

Love you so much, Vanessa and Josh. Thanks for coming to make my week!

When my family comes to town

3 thoughts on “When my family comes to town

  1. I love that story!! Also, I look like I’m wearing a football on my head. You will be super pleased to know that J. and I FINALLY got helmets after being inspired by your good example (not the football-on-head kind, though).

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