Hip-Hop News Alerts

So the big news for socially-conscious hip-hop lovers this week is that Reebok dropped Rick Ross after he released a terrifyingly misogynistic song (and after thousands of people signed a petition, but you know, baby steps…). I’m glad that the petition was successful, but I’m sad that Ross isn’t a feminist. It’s like, ‘Does the patriarchy even care how much I love “Diced Pineapples”?’ Nope.

In way, way smaller hip-hop news, I really wanted to listen to that song that goes, ‘Hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on/Took a look in the mirror, said what’s up?/Yeah, I’m getting money/Ohhh!’

I asked Devin to put it on, and he searched for ‘Getting Money’ on Youtube, only that brought up like a million songs, and do you know why? Capitalism.
It’s hard to find ONE piece of art about getting money when the most important thing in our society is getting money (am I being hyperbolic here? I really can’t tell. Disclaimer: If getting money isn’t the single most important thing, it’s up there). But! In our Youtube-searching and pondering of capitalism, we did discover that one of the most famous ‘getting money’ songs in recent memory isn’t about getting money and keeping it for yourself. Consider these lyrics to ‘Got Money’ (2008) by the incomparable Lil Wayne: 
If you got money 

And you know it
Take it out your pocket and show it
Then throw it, like

This-a-way (fly)
That-a-way (fly)
This-a-way (fly)

Clearly, this is a modern anthem for the redistribution of wealth. And so, I hereby award, the first ever smoothliminal Award for Progressive Top 40 Music (which I just made up on the spot) to Lil Wayne for advocating just economic policies. Congratulations, Mr. Carter! 
He feels so honored, you guys.
I am also appointing Devin as my honorary blog editor because this blog post was his idea (and this one, too!). Fun fact: earlier I caught him typing ‘Little Wayne’ and ‘Soldier Boy’ into the search bar. He’s come a long way from not knowing who Beyoncé was in 2009, but you know, baby steps…
Hip-Hop News Alerts

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