A Day in the Life: Tuesday April 2nd 2013

My friend Anja does this project where she photographs everything she does in one day at the the beginning of every month. It’s a simple project, taking pictures as you go about your everyday life, but there’s something really captivating about it for me. I look forward to seeing how much she packs into her days and always feel really peaceful after looking through her pictures. You can see Anja’s April day-in-the-life here.

This month I decided I’d try doing it for myself. My days aren’t nearly as full of life and adventure as Anja’s, but I’m sharing the photos regardless.

Here’s what any old Tuesday is like for me.

photo 1I wake up to this view from my bedroom every morning. It reminds me of ‘Hey Arnold!’

photo 2I walked out of my building and found this adorable scooter. I think one of my neighbors just got it.

photoThen, I went to my favorite coffee shop to have some tea and start reading the first book for my new book club.

photo 4I wore a dress my mom got me for Christmas (thanks, Mom!), so I thought I’d take a picture. Aside from serving great drinks, this place has the dreamiest lighting, even in the bathroom!

photo 2

Despite the sun, it was very cold. I can’t wait to see what my new neighborhood will look like once the trees have leaves!

photo 4Whoosh! Time to get on the subway. Sometimes I marvel at how I get to see more people in twenty minutes than a lot of people see in a whole day, and sometimes I am just united in crankiness with my fellow commuters. ; ) This was a pretty fun commute because I listened to a gruff New Yorker give a Polish womyn advice about helping her daughter apply to college. They didn’t know each other, and right before getting off the train he told her, ‘But you never know what can happen. That’s the beauty of life.’ Also, I read that the stop where I switch trains, Hoyt-Schermerhorn, is where Michael Jackson filmed the video for ‘Bad’! Maybe soon I’ll stage a flashmob there. Who’s in?

photo 2 My office building has a sign that says newsstand but no newsstand! I always feel a little wistful when I pass it even though I know it’s for the best. And yes, I am this dramatic about EVERYTHING.

photo 3Oh yeah, the elevator skips floors 2-25. Seriously, what is up with this building?

photo 5This is the view, so I guess it’s not a shabby building after all.

photo 1I worked until lunchtime, and then I made myself something to eat in the kitchen. This is what I get for eating strawberries when they are not in season. (It was tasty, though!)

photo 2After work I planned on heading straight to the gym, but my family needed help finding accommodations for their trip to Portland (for the wedding!). Sometimes wedding planning is fun, fun, fun, and other times it is just worthwhile. Two hours trying to find vacation houses and hotels is what I would politely call VERY worthwhile.

photo 5At least the sun hadn’t set before I made my way to the gym.

photo 1This mural is cool. And it is an unofficial marker for the beginning of the most francophone neighborhood in New York City. Okay so I don’t know if there’s another neighborhood that has more French people, but once I pass this mural, all I hear is French. And they even shut down the streets to celebrate Bastille Day, so it’s not just my imagination.

photo 2Super secret shot of my gym. I didn’t want anyone to think I was photographing them at their sweatiest, so I just took this. I got to the gym just in time for the last fitness class of the day, hooray! Going to the gym is a new thing for me, and so far (two months in), fitness classes are my favorite.

photo 3After the gym, I hit up the Trader Joe’s. This is what the produce section looks like at 9 PM. Haha. They weren’t out of rice noodles, thankfully, and that was all I really needed.

photo 2The quickest thing I could think to make was Pad Thai, which made me feel like a legit cook or something. ‘Oh, I’ll just whip up some pad thai.’ Ridiculous! The greens you see are from the CSA program that my roommate and I belong to. I didn’t have time to crush the peanuts because all I wanted to do was get to bed at a reasonable hour (11:30 PM).

photo 3Good night, pom-poms! Thanks for brightening up our home.

A Day in the Life: Tuesday April 2nd 2013

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