Mad Men Season 6 Predictions

**No spoilers, I promise.**

Friends, Romans, TV-Watchers…

I am presently languishing in a deep, deep discontent brought about by a lack of Mad Men. I missed the premiere——knowingly and with good reason. I didn’t just forget! I would never forget.

Coming back to New York in time to make it to one of my beloved watch parties (I love them so much, I have a history of showing up a week early) would have meant leaving Connecticut 5 hours early. Since Devin and I are only in the same city for approximately 36 hours a week, 5 hours makes a big difference.

But oh! If I only I could have my cake and keep it, too!

Now who knows when I’ll get to see season 6. Will I be behind next week? Will I never attend another Mad Men costume party again?!

Thankfully (or not), I get a little dose of Mad Men every morning at my subway stop where I get to wait by this ad.


I’ve spent a lot of time examining it and, just from this ad, I feel ready to make some predictions about this season.

Question: Who is that walking behind Don and the person he’s holding hands with?


Answer: It’s Megan. It’s totally Megan. And even if you don’t think it’s Megan, there’s no way the womyn holding Don’s hand is Megan. Megan would never wear that color, and in general, she favors bolder clothes. In fact, wouldn’t you say that gauzy blue thing is much more reminiscent of Betty’s style? In previous seasons, she often wears light blue.

I’m not suggesting that Don gets back together with Betty in season 6; but I think he will definitely cheat on Megan, probably with a womyn who is more content with being a traditional wife (i.e. being subordinate to her husband) than Megan is. In season 5, Don isn’t keen on Megan asserting her independence in any way, and he probably won’t deal with that issue by going to therapy and starting a male feminist support group  (but wouldn’t that be a cool twist!).

In general, I think the show will keep marginalizing characters from historically underrepresented groups*, just like I said it did in seasons 1-4. And just like it did in season 5, even after starting on such a promising, if stereotypical, note.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch it. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I watch the show primarily for the set design and costuming. Hopefully, Mad Men will stay on point in that realm.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to hide from the internet to avoid any and all spoilers while I figure out how to watch the premiere.

*I use the term ‘historically underrepresented groups’ to mean non-White, non-straight, non-rich people.

Mad Men Season 6 Predictions

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