Every Day is Hat-urday, Pt. I

It’s technically springtime, but New York is still COLD. And I’m afraid it might be all my fault.

What have I done???

See, when Devin gave me the wool hat of my dreams for my birthday, the first thing I did was wish for a long winter, so I’d get lots of chances to wear it this year.

Since my birthday, it’s been consistently near-freezing, and I have worn it every day. I still love love love it, but I’m thinking we could both use a break until about mid-October with the occasional September reunion. So this weekend, I sent Mother Nature another memo.


TO: Ms. Mother Nature
DATE: 24 March 2013
SUBJECT: Springtime

Dear Mama Na’,

Thanks so much for doing me a solid and letting me break in my new favorite hat. It’s been really nice!

However, my neighbors and friends and all ten of my toes are ready to thaw. Mr. Softee is begging for business. Baby birds are shivering while they chirp.

Please feel free to resume regularly-scheduled programming.

Your friend,

Every Day is Hat-urday, Pt. I

4 thoughts on “Every Day is Hat-urday, Pt. I

  1. Pat judge says:

    Kristy dear,
    I loved your Winter Column
    That brown envelope I sent you, that never got there, had a word about Spring in it for you. Love. Grandma pat

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