Snow Daze

Hi, how are you? What did you do this weekend? Me? Oh, I just survived my first blizzard.

(It wasn’t actually very dramatic.) Devin and I went out for a walk on Friday night in the middle of it. Because my neighborhood has many, many street lamps, we could see the snowflakes falling very clearly. It felt like being in a snow globe or a cartoon or a child’s painting of a snowy night. We walked around for a while and attempted to have a snowball fight, but my lack of experience turned it into a lesson instead. I made considerable progress, though, so next time it snows, watch out.

Walking back to my apartment, we encountered a TV crew on my block! I asked the cameraperson if they were filming the snow (‘Isn’t everyone?’, he replied) and why they had chosen my little corner of Brooklyn. It turns out the guy who drives the TV truck is a regular at a bar near my street, and it’s a good idea to film near a place that will let the crew use the bathroom. Kind of like I sometimes plan my commute to pass a Starbucks for the free bathrooms.

TV People: They’re Just Like Us.

The next day I asked Devin to take some commemorative pictures.

Pretending I'm too cool for the camera.
Pretending I’m too cool for the camera.
Much snow!
Much snow!
A concrete court transformed!
Subtract the chain-link and buildings, and this could be a remote tundra.

Shoutout to all the hardworking people who kept the sidewalks and subway entrances near me safe, and thereby helped make my first snowstorm experience a success. I’m very grateful.




Snow Daze

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