My Christmas Tree 2012

I’m taking a quick break from family festivities and preparing to watch the last Christmas movie of the season (shed a tear) to tell you about my little Seasonal Affective Disorder tree.

This year I decided I had to have a real-live tree in my living room. I knew I wouldn’t be in Brooklyn for Christmas (greetings from Mexico!) and that I couldn’t invest a lot in the tree or the decorations, so I got a two-foot tree from one of those sidewalk tree lots that pop up everywhere. I decorated her with gold glitter and the only twinkle lights I have, which just happen to be flamingoes.


I like to think she’s symbolic of how unsuited I am for the cold (almost as out of place as a tropical bird). Then again, cold climates have their charm. After all, evergreens aren’t plentiful in warmer climates, and this year I realized that the smell of a fresh tree in the living room is worth frozen toes all winter.

Little trees (or at least tree-scented candles) for everyone!

Last year’s Christmas posts: Season’s Geography Lesson & My (unconventional) Christmas Tree 2011

My Christmas Tree 2012

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