It’s been a minute.

Like I mentioned previously, I’ve been working as a temp(orary office assistant).

I recently finished an assignment at a historical society. That office is filled with archivists who wear blue smocks and write in pencil–and not mechanical pencils either, the yellow wooden ones that need sharpening. And guess whose desk was the Official Home of the Office’s Only Electric Sharpener. Yes! Mine (how did you guess?). I really liked that honor because it meant that sometimes I got to talk to the archivists who are generally a quiet and reserved bunch.

I got to know quite a few people in the office, actually, and once suggested that we order lunch from a nearby restaurant, which caused quite the commotion. We talked about it one day at lunch, and word spread around the office, and the next day six employees came prepared, with cash in hand. The restaurant has this on-line order form that you use to pick the ingredients in your meal, and that morning my desk was transformed into an Order Kiosk abuzz with people comparing Brown Rice to Veggie Brown Rice, and discussing the merits of Cauliflower and Cabbage. Even those who weren’t ordering gathered around, voiced their opinions, and witnessed the miracle of ordering lunch. And the best part is that at lunch, people actually talked to each other.

On-line Order Form
On-line Order Form

And for days after, people talked about the lunch. I got asked what I ordered and if it was any good and if I would recommend the restaurant. Some people told me it had been A Great Idea.

A few weeks later, it was my last day. Two of my favorite co-workers took me to lunch at Coffee Shop, a restaurant in Union Square that fascinates me. Its décor is so mid-century that you almost feel transported to a 1950s American diner only most of the servers are aspiring models, so they all wear the trendiest clothes and artfully mussed hair, embodying everything that is ‘Now’. And oh yeah, the menu is largely Brazilian food (?!).

We had a good lunch and at the end I told them how much I’d liked working there. They in turn told me how much they’d liked working with me. Then, one of them said, ‘The office will be so quiet!’ and the other nodded fervently.

Totally a compliment, right?


It’s been a minute.

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