Last time I told you about why I love roommates in general. Today I’m here to write about one of the reasons I’ve loved living with my current roommates. Two words: taste tests.

It all started last October when Marika pointed out that we had a lot of hot sauces & offered to conduct a blind taste test. Anda, Tasha, & I tried five hot sauces without knowing what they were. And since this blog is my personal place for bragging about myself on the internet, I will humbly admit that not only did I correctly identify each of the hot sauces, I also correctly guessed how I’d rank them.

Last Fall, we also developed a love of break-and-bake cookies. I credit Penelope the pitbull who only ate raw chicken (three times a day) for introducing me to the joys of sort-of baking. See, when I moved to New York, we rented a lady’s furnished apartment for a one-month sublet, and even though she hadn’t advertised that she had a dog, the lady kindly left her pitbull behind for us to take care of. Before sharing a one-bedroom apartment for a month with two friends and a pitbull I was fairly sure wanted to eat me, I’d never even thought about break-and-bake cookies. Overnight, my life philosophy became ‘Have a bad day? Pick up a pack of break-and-bakes! Feeling good about the state of the world? Pick up a pack of break-and-bakes! Watching Mad Men tonight? Pick up a pack of break-and-bakes! See a pack of break-and-bakes? Pick up! That pack! Of break-and-bakes!’ Soon our apartment was break-and-bake central. What did Penelope the pit have to do with this? I don’t know. Just go with it.

Anyway, when I saw the world’s cutest cookie taste test on natthefatrat, I felt moved to do our own *break-and-bake* cookie taste test.

Not nearly as cute but very tasty!

In case you are curious, the cookies were ranked as follows:

1. Pillsbury Big Deluxe Chocolate Chip with Mini-Kisses (Make sure you get the Big Deluxe kind. We tried the regular ones another time, and they were not good, so it was a big surprise that these won.)

2. Nestlé Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

3. Trader Joe’s Ready-To-Bake Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies (I usually love all food from Trader Joe’s, but these cookies were a huge let-down. Note to the Trader: don’t try to reinvent the chocolate chip cookie, man.)

That taste test was fun & a little more organized than the hot sauce one, but it paled in comparison to the mother of all taste tests:

The Alternative Milk Comparison

Marika organized it and sent out a funny invitation that I’ll excerpt here.

Inspired by our fridge full of non-dairy milks,

the existence of flax seed milk as something real

and my love of comparing things.

If you’re like “Whoa, I didn’t even know about this, I don’t even know you that well.” Be so excited that our friendship can blossom through you helping to prevent mass amounts of leftover milks.


We also used this spreadsheet to make scientific observations about all the different milks. (TOO LEGIT, right?) Notice the “X-Factor” category.

Type Color Consistency Smell Taste X-Factor Rating
1. Almond
2. Soy
3. Rice
4. Hemp
5. Flax
7. Choco Hazelnut
8. Coconut
9. Choco Goat

And of course, there were pictures.

More milks!
Ready to be tested.
Marika & her milks.

The winners were chocolate hazelnut, chocolate goat’s milk, and vanilla almond milk. All the unflavored ones were not so tasty, and the overall lesson learned is that there are a lot of foods that should not be made into milk. My least favorite was the hemp milk–so gritty and yellow, ick. But it was Dahlia’s favorite. So I guess the other lesson I learned is that there’s an alt-milk for everyone!


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