Preparing a Wedding

I haven’t written much about planning a wedding, mostly because I don’t know the first thing about it. But this week I am in Portland with my mom to see Devin and start putting some real thought and effort into figuring out the beginning of our plans! This trip was planned on the shortest of notices. And I mean that. Here’s the timeline:

On Wednesday, Devin & I decided to have our wedding ceremony & reception in Portland.

On Thursday, I realized I have this week off from work.

On Friday, my mom and I decided we should come to Portland. We bought plane tickets in the wee hours of Friday night/Saturday morning and flew in on Sunday! I had never bought a plane ticket/packed my bags on such short notice.

Phew. I am also working on a very big translation project, which is fun but time-consuming work. I can’t really remember the last time I slept a full eight hours, but I am very happy about the reasons I haven’t been sleeping. My brain keeps having these pop-up notes like: Translating? Hanging out with my mom? Seeing Devin? Portland? Biking seven miles with Devin…and my MOM? Wedding-planning? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?!?

It is actually happening, and I am posting this before I go to bed because I try my hardest to update this thing once a week, and I doubt I’ll have much time tomorrow. Sorry if it isn’t a very interesting post.

Let’s close with some engagement pictures!

Here we are sitting on the grass looking like your average engaged couple.
Here we are showing off our watches like the feminist engagement super(s)heroes we are!

Photos taken last July by Jo.

Funny story about these pictures. I made this grand plan for Jo to take our engagement pictures. Only I forgot to tell Devin…and I also forgot to tell Jo. Until the day I thought the photo session would be. Luckily, they were both free and such good sports about the whole thing. I guess after you know me a while you realize that while I might be good at planning, I am not always so good about communicating plans (some would say that’s the most important part, but what do they know).

I emailed the pictures to my whole family, and nobody wrote back. As it turns out, I’d sent them in a way that corrupted the protected photo files and made the pictures turn green and black. Only my family didn’t realize the files were corrupted. They just thought we’d taken weird, highly-edited abstract engagement photos and didn’t know what to say about them.  Have I mentioned I’m considered the weird one in my family? I had to send out another e-mail with the photos in their proper state and ask the inevitable: Do you really think I’m so weird that I’d  send extraterrestrial engagement photos? Answer: Yes.

Preparing a Wedding

8 thoughts on “Preparing a Wedding

    1. hi, carol! hello, you are my hermana-prima! i just went back & double-checked & you were the fourth e-mail i typed in (after all the mamis). it was sent on 08/03 to carol.[yourlastname]@hotmail. anyway i just re-sent it so you can see the pictures in all their alien glory. i’ll also re-send the pretty pictures.

      love ya,

  1. Yourstruly says:

    I never got to see these two, i like them.
    Could you keep on writing some more about the wedding plans. It’s interesting to find out what advancements are being made. Much luck on landing the blog job.

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