Like every movie ever would suggest, New York is full of diners. One time Devin went to one and reviewed its chocolate milkshake.

Due to this pesky-but-wonderful thing called employment, I was unavailable to photograph the event. Sadly, Devin is not the type to take pictures of himself, or the world around him for that matter. In February he went to Singapore for a week and didn’t snap a single picture. Granted he was there for a conference and didn’t have much free time, but still! (Somewhat related: I sometimes try to imagine what Devin’s Instagram feed would look like, and I am stumped.) I am the type to photograph any and everything (Instagram: smoothliminal), so I managed to take this picture of EJ’s Luncheonette another time. And now…without further ado, I present unto you, the third installment of Devin’s search for New York’s Best Shake! (Note: Devin uses a 1-5 scale with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.)

EJ’s Luncheonette

Exactly what you would expect from a diner shake.

FLAVOR: 3.5 – Hand-scooped but not gourmet ice cream.
CONSISTENCY: 3 – The man behind the bar could have used a little less milk. The shake was pourable.
PRESENTATION: 4 – As I said last time, everyone loves a bonus, and this shake came with a healthy extra 8 oz in the steel mixing cup. However, the plastic (though reusable) pintglass lost a few points. Also, there was no cherry as one would expect at such an establishment, but I didn’t mind.
AMBIANCE: 3.5 – EJ’s is a surprisingly classic diner for the Upper East Side.
ETHICS: 2 – The employees seemed happy but no guarantees about the cows or cocoa pickers. Kemps ice cream and generic chocolate sauce are classic diner, but one would hope Upper East Siders would demand better.
OVERALL VALUE: 3.5 – $5 is exactly what I would expect to pay for this classic diner shake; I only wish they used glass pints and local dairy.

Previous reviews here and here.


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