Borrón y cuenta nueva


Welcome to the latest iteration of my blog. I changed the URL (previously [and before that, ]) because I wanted a name representative of my life right now.* The in-between place of college and adulthood, etc. You can bet I won’t be as eloquent as Britney Spears, but maybe I can make up for it by being grateful to you for reading. Or thoughtfully listening to your suggestions. Or maybe we can all agree that Britney said it best, but that doesn’t mean no one else should talk about it.

*And I love puns, especially the nerdy kind.

Borrón y cuenta nueva

One thought on “Borrón y cuenta nueva

  1. Jessica says:

    I love the title of your newest iteration of this blog. I can very much relate to the in-between you’re in, and I’m struggling to find other people around me who can be “in-between” with me! I’m excited to keep following your blog and hearing about how you transition from being in between to being on the other side… whatever that looks like! Peace lady! ❤

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