February, already?

Why yes, it is.

I find that the best way to stay on top of dates is to have homework, especially the good old-fashioned everyday kind. Only I don’t really get assigned homework anymore on account of not being in school. So how do I stay on top of the calendar then? Well, last month I found a little help from the photoaday (photo-a-day) challenge on Instagram!

The photoaday challenge is possibly the most fun homework you’ll ever have. For every day of the month, there’s a photo assignment. I loved doing it last month because it helped me be creative AND keep track of the month. (Landlord: I got your check right here!) I loved it so much I’m doing the new challenge this month!

But enough gushing already. Here’s what my January looked like in thirty-one pictures. Oh wait, before I forget, let’s be friends on Instagram! My username is, predictably, sensitivityandgrace.

day one: me.
day two: breakfast.
day three: something i adore (it's a triple! our engagement watches, my dress from 1959, & portland).
day four: a letterbox.
day five: something i wore.
day six: something that makes me smile.
day seven: favorite. my favorite trash can, of course.
day eight: my sky.
day nine: daily routine. whether with a straightener or hot rollers, i like doing my hair every day.
day ten: childhood. guess who!
day eleven: where i sleep (when i'm in chihuahua).
day twelve: close-up.
day thirteen: the contents of my handbag.
day fourteen: something i was reading.
day fifteen: happiness.
day sixteen: morning.
day seventeen: water. a whole sky full!
day eighteen: something i bought.
day nineteen: something sweet.
day twenty: someone i love.
day twenty-one: a reflection. two-way-mirror windows?!
day twenty-two: shoes. (i couldn't reach the right shoe. my closet is taaaaaall.)
day twenty-three: something old.
day twenty-four: guilty pleasure. i can't kick my window-shopping habit!
day twenty-five: something i made.
day twenty-six: color.
day twenty-seven: lunch. i was half-done with my sandwich when i remembered. sorry.
day twenty-eight: light.
day twenty-nine: the inside of my fridge.
day thirty: nature.
day thirty-one: me, again.
February, already?

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