For Issy (cuz I know you’re reading, grrrl!)

Dear Issy,

2 weeks ago, I met Devin’s
15 year-old cousin. She is approximately
4.2 times cooler than I could ever hope to be, and her bedroom is
500% more magnificent than the average outstandingly magnificent room.

The only rooms I have met on that level have all been yours, and though I know you don’t need interior decorating tips, I took pictures of her ‘fairy lights’ for you.

These are they.
A wider view (check that papier-mâché sun in the background!)
She even had them in your favorite color (or is blue only your favorite color for pen ink? I forget).


1. Make origami boxes to fit over twinkle lightbulbs.

2. Put them over your existing twinkle lights.

3. Hang them up and feel proud.

4. Take pictures and send them to me.

Love you more than words,

P.S. I drew this picture of us today.

We'd make cute cephalopods.

P.P.S. I unwittingly drew it on a personality analysis webpage.

Your personality analysis based on this drawing: You think you are very intelligent. You are a needy person.

Readers, there you have it. An unbiased analysis. Get yours here. Also, ‘fairy lights’ is proper British nomenclature.

For Issy (cuz I know you’re reading, grrrl!)

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