Update on the toilet

Below, a lovely letter from our landlord regarding our clogged toilet (we have two, luckily).

Folks: we have never had a situation where  the toilet had an object in it that needed the toilet to be entirely removed from the floor to set it to rights. If it is your fault, it is your bill!

[The plumber] will come, remove the toilet from the floor and try and find what the obstacle is. If someone dropped a toothbrush in the john, or a tampon, or a hairbrush and was just too delicate to stick her hand in to pull it out, that is not good. 


 Oh boy. Thankfully, my wonderful housemate Hallie is willing to pay for it. I think I speak for all of us when I say we are very, very excited to find out what is in there.

And just to clarify, she was not too delicate to take out the toilet-clogging item. She just dropped something in while the toilet was flushing (without seeing what it was and obviously without the ability to halt the toilet mid-flush) because sometimes she is a whirlwind and those things just happen. She tried really, really hard to get the mystery item out with a plunger and is not too dainty for anything.

Update on the toilet

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